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Charles Gill was born in the inner-city neighborhoods of Chicago (Ida B Wells, Englewood, and Kenwood) as the youngest of 14 siblings. He has a bachelor' degree in computer information systems from DeVry, an MBA, and a graduate certificate in health services management from Keller Graduate School of Management. With 20 years of leadership experience in the IT healthcare insurance industry, the Army, and in sports, he successfully transformed many dysfunctional groups to become high-per- forming teams. Charles was selected by the State of Illinois to lead the first Army National Guard unit to support the Iraq War in 2003. He is a 2012 America' Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Minority Management Development Program graduate fellow facilitated by Johns Hopkins University.

Charles was chosen by program directors and peers to be the recipient of the AHIPS Perkin's Leadership Award. As a professional, he received a President' Award and multiple 5 Star Team Awards, placed in the top 1% of leaders for employee engagement, and voluntarily left a multibillion-dollar company with a 100% employee engagement score. He has spent 25 years as a motivational speaker and is currently a STEM talk speaker in the Chicago Public School system. He is a certified John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer and the owner of Creating Life Goals, LLC.

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