The Path To True Leadership

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My inspiration to write this book is based on my observation of uninformed and untrained leaders in our society and workforce who impact people's daily lives. I have seen and experienced leaders who were more harmful than inspirational in families, the military, the labor force, education, and sports. To positively influence people, a leader must have the ability to increase human engagement while leveraging their gifts and talents to get a positive return on investment. There are three attributes that a leader must have in order to achieve these goals:

1. A leader must lead by example.

2. A leader must like and listen to all people to apply the correct leadership style and influence their behavior.

3. A leader must have the ability to write and articulate a specific vision and mission statement plus set performance expectations.


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Gill debuts with a succinct guide for Christians seeking to become capable, powerful leaders, built on Christian teachings and brimming with uplifting encouragement. Stressing the need to be intentional, specifically through a laser focus on developing a well-defined future plan and following through with action steps, he presents an approach to life and leadership based on three foundational principles: To achieve or to lead, you must exercise faith and apply God’s teaching; maintain physical health; and pursue lifelong education. Gill develops these principles--and lays out advice specific to leadership—all with a strong emphasis on faith, arguing “[i]t costs you nothing to believe, and may cost you everything not to.”


Gill organizes this slim guide around his three central truths, expanding on each with anecdotes from his past as well as drawing from well-established leadership sources, such as Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group development. To encourage readers to accept the impossibility of perfection, he writes frankly about his own personal challenges stemming from his active military service, and he uses his own failures as illustrations for regrowth and transformation. Christian readers will appreciate the shared private spiritual experience–including Gill’s somewhat surprising account of “speak[ing] my son into existence”–and his continuous use of Bible verses to clarify concepts. 


Despite a heartening core message, some elements of Gill’s treatise would prove more persuasive with further development. His emphasis on physical fitness is refreshing, but the brief chapter on health is also somewhat pitiless, as when he insists that putting on some “pandemic weight” can “take a leader off the path to true leadership.” More clear and helpful are passages encouraging readers to develop leadership characteristics by giving back to underserved populations and concrete steps on how to build meaningful relationships with employees–and Gill’s observation that “faith is like insurance” is intriguing. Readers seeking basic ideas on leadership skills supported with Christian beliefs will find a start to build on here. 

Takeaway: A examination of what it takes to be an effective leader, paired with Christian faith principles and supporting Bible verses. 

Great for fans of: James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner’s Learning Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders’s Spiritual Leadership

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“The Path to True Leadership" by Charles Gill is a must read for mentors/mentees, new managers, managers on the move, Directors, and the C-Level suite. In the book, Charles provides the cornerstones and foundation of what leaders need and should aspire to in order to lead people and get the most out of their teams. Charles’s unique background of growing up on the south side of Chicago, his deeply rooted faith in God, accomplished athlete, MBA Graduate, background as a military leader, loving father, accomplished Sr. IT Manager, coach, motivational speaker, and trainer gives him a perspective on leadership that very few authors can provide. It is often said that some of the best sermons are ones where a preacher gives you their personal experiences as a man/woman of faith where they fell short, overcame a personal tragedy and gave you something to think about for the rest of the week. “The Path to True Leadership” gives you that same unapologetic, honest, window into the soul of a true leader. For the experienced leader, he provides those insights that will help you mentor and coach more effectively. This was a great read and is on my list of books I now recommend to all aspiring leaders and current leaders."

Timothy Laudell Jackson

Chief Information Officer at Diamond Offshore,

2021 Houston CIO of the Year Finalist

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Charles nailed it in this book. At the core of being a great leader is knowing yourself and knowing that you want the best outcomes for yourself and those for whom you are responsible. At the center of the core is love. You could feel the care, the passion and the love for doing the right things for the right reasons on every page. The book is chocked full of unassuming wisdom, simply spoken and unabashedly honest in every way. Anyone who aspires to leading themselves, their families or their teams should start with this book."

Patrick Moroney CIO, Central States Funds

President, Technology Leaders Association

BOD Member & Vice Chairman i.c.stars

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First and foremost, thank you brother and co-worker at the Cross for my signed copy of your extraordinary book.  I read it in a day, and I would recommend your book not only for Leadership growth, but for growth to Live Life Fully.  You have eloquently presented the recipe (with awesome ingredients) to achieving a purposeful and fulfilling life within the 56 pages of your book.  Again, thank you Mr. Charles L. Gill for your contributions and much success on your journey.

Stacy L. Stewart. ITIL v3

Creative Director of Dynamic Vision Films

Lassy Chester

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I took the train to work today and read the entire book to and from work. It is an awesome book. Thanks for having the vision, heart and generosity to tell your story. I will use some of your recommendations on my new role as the Chief Financial Officer for Pace Bus. I cannot wait to read your next book.

Lorri Newson

Chief Financial Officer, Pace Bus

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The book tells of one man's life journey.  It is inspirational and motivational. No matter where you are on your own journey the book speaks to the qualities and work it takes to become one's best self.  A great read.

Cynthia Thompson

Retired - Chicago and Suburban Public Schools

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I met and worked with Charles at a previous company and found him to be an inspirational leader. This book is a worthwhile read with personal insights that help you to think and apply.

Guy D Newell, MBA, PMP

Sr. Project Manager

Independent Consultant

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I thoroughly enjoyed the read. A lot of great insight for those new to the leadership role and great reminders for those of us who have been doing it a while but sometimes need to be reminded of the basic things when your plate gets so full of meetings and tasks that you let some of the important things slip.

Cathy McClain-Gordon

Managing Partner on

Advisory Cloud

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"The Path to True Leadership", Truly an inspiration for every aspect of your life. Charles Gill's candidness brings a refreshing reality that is relatable to many on various levels of life experiences.  If you are the CEO of your home, your company, or your social circles, the strategies discussed allow your purpose to surface and how to positively impact others from every aspect of your life. If you are in search of your purpose, Charles Gill's storytelling methods will open a new thought process that will help create your journey leading you to your purpose.  I highly recommend this book to be shared to family members, friends, and various chapters to your corporate team.  As the Managing Broker/Owner of Prince Realty Group, I will be utilizing many noted leadership strategies to continue to uplift and motivate my students, and associates while they continue their journeys.

The easy flow of his words makes "The Path to True leadership” a great inspiration!

Carlas P Gilbert, CNS, MRP

Prince Realty Group LLC.

Managing Broker

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"I received and read your book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your leadership insights are inspirational!"

Dan Burns

Author, Publisher, Treasurer at Chicago Writers Association


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